About us

I am passionate about wildlife management and have dedicated my working life to understanding some of the complex wildlife issues unique to New Zealand, sharing that understanding with others and trying to make a difference – out there in the real world.

My training and work experience over the past 30 years through Massey University, New Zealand Forest Service, Department of Conservation and in the private and corporate sectors have given me a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

This knowledge and experience spans game, pest, threatened species and ecosystem management, related research and resource consent management.

I have also developed strong networks and relationships with key practitioners and stakeholders along the way. Through this unique combination of knowledge, experience, networks and relationships, I can ensure you have access to the best advice and services.

Wildlife Management Associates is committed to finding sustainable wildlife management solutions, to ensure your valued wildlife and natural ecosystem resources meet your aspirations and needs, now and into the future.

Partner with us and get your wildlife happening....



Cam Speedy
Wildlife Biologist
Director – Wildlife Management Associates

“Having worked with many of the world’s leading wildlife biologists throughout North America and the South Pacific, I can honestly say that Cam ranks among the very best. His broad biological and ecological skills combined with his ability to find innovative solutions to complex issues make him uniquely qualified for just about any wildlife or environmental project.”

Brian Murphy,
CEO / Wildlife Biologist
Quality Deer Management Association
USA & Canada